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Regular eye examinations tell you a lot about your general health as well as your vision.

 Early detection of any anomalies allows us to offer you the treatment or referral you may require.

Our experienced optometrists will put you at ease from the outset and explain the various stages throughout your appointment.

A wide array of tests and procedures are used to examine your eyes, ranging from reading an eye chart to complex tests such as using a high-powered lens to see the tiny structures inside your eyes.

We rely on our sight in all aspects of daily life, let us help you look after yours.

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More than detecting problems with your vision, your eye doctor can catch early signs of a range of health issues including diabetes and high blood pressure.

Cataracts, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration can all also be detected with an eye exam.

 Hot climates such as the Caribbean mean that the exposure to harmful UV rays is much more intense. This can give rise to ocular conditions such as pterygium and pinguecula.


Early diagnosis of these conditions means you can be treated more effectively and could prevent potential long term vision loss. 

Eye Exam


Your eye exam will include: 

  • Comprehensive eye history consideration 

  • Measurement of the corneal curvature 

  • Anterior eye examination 

  • Eye co-ordination and muscle balance test

  • Central field of vision examination

  • Refractive test 

  • Slit lamp examination of front surface of eyes, retina, optic nerve and blood vessels 

  • Measure eye pressure 

  • Dilation of the pupils if required 


It may be surprising but 1 in 4 children has an undetected vision problem. Changes can occur gradually without your child even noticing. 


80% of what children learn requires good vision. It is essential for visual perception, hand-eye co-ordination and spatial awareness whether doing class work or physical activities.

With the ever-increasing amount of screen time children now have, having their eyes examined annually has never been more important to help diagnose any problems early.

Schedule your child's eye exams yearly before school starts to make sure your kids are ready to take on the year!

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We recommend an eye exam every two years for adults with no underlying ocular conditions. Even if you don’t require glasses it is still important to have your eyes checked.  

Optometrists recommend that people over 70 years have their eyes tested annually.

Children under 16 years of age should have their eyes tested once a year.

We accept all island-based insurance providers. Click here to learn more.

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eye examination


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